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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Being a child of the 90s we saw some of the most iconic ''Super Models'' of all time! These women inspired us, trail blazing the way and defining many fashion foes across the world - Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Helen Christensen, Claudia Schiffer, Tyra banks and Christy Turlington. Back then they all had one thing in common - Skinny, over plucked brows!

Today, looking back I wish I put down the damn tweezers and stop letting my beauty therapist wax my eyebrows top and bottom to achieve a lovely skinny brow!! Thank you Cara D for bringing back the brows!!

So here's some of my tips to achieve the full brow - However be aware ... over drawn, over tattooed and really hairy brows have a term in the makeup industry (Cartoon Brows). We need to find the perfect balance for brows.

Firstly, put down the tweezers - don't pluck (only pluck if you start getting a mono brow) - I always say to my clients, grow out your brows for 3 - 6 months then go to a qualified brow specialist. I'm not a fan of threading (just a personal choice) but I see too many patchy brows from threading!! Tinting your brows is like magic, you'll see a fuller brow instantly.

Here's my 3 Steps to brow perfection : (No need to over complicate it) Just follow your brow shape! FYI brows aren't naturally even, so don't bother about perfectly mirror imaging both brows, we are not Barbie! Remember your brows are sisters not twins.

1. Brush brows up and over using a eyebrow brush, then style your brows in place using brow gel - I love to use LÓreal brow artist plumper - thickens your natural hairs without colouring the skin or anastasia beverly hills clear brow gel is a goodie too.

2. Use a pencil to outline and fill in your brows. soft upwards hair like strokes is the best way to achieve a natural and fuller brow - MAC eye brow pencil's are amazing, they have lots of different shades to suit all eyebrow colours.

3. Fill in brows using an angled liner brush and brow powders

Then step back from the mirror and make sure brows are looking as even and natural as possible. Practise makes perfect!

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